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Let us introduce our humble little studio. Tatu Tatu Ink Club is a tattoo house located in Canggu – Bali that specializes but not limited to in micro and fine line tattoos. Perfect for you ladies and gents who like fine beautiful lines! Our studio approach is pretty different from others. We try to make you gents and especially ladies to feel as comfortable and at ease as possible with our light interiors and homey decor.


Welcome to our Tatutatuinkclub gallery tattoo, where self-expression and artistic talent combine to produce beautiful pieces of body art. In here we show you a varied assortment of tattoo designs that highlight the creativity and dedication from our residence artist. Each photo in this gallery is a representation of a special and Individual  narrative that has been painted on the human body. Our tattoo collecttion provides a window into the virtually endless possibilities of inked art, ranging from detailed black and grey designs to vivid and colorful works of art.


Welcome to our Urban News page, where you can find any latest updates, trends, and stories around tattoos and more. To keep you informed and amused with diverse range if niche beside tattoos or Canggu Tattoo Studios. You may find around fashion, Music, Lifestyle and much more. Discover more about Bali and nearby area in this page and other interesting element that might surprise you.
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Check out our residence artist here, where creativity talent meets fun and humble personalized artistry in our comfort ink club. We are proud to present our resident tattoo artist, a talented individual and high commitment in tattoo creating an amazing piece of art in your body. Our resident tattoo artist has a unique style and vision for every work they design thanks to years of expertise and a strong enthusiasm for what they do. They are able to meets your desire design in tattoos, turning ideas into beautiful body art with bold and bright compositions.  Our resident tattoo artist is dedicated to working directly with you to realize your idea, whether you’re looking for a bespoke design or are inspired by their current works that you can find in the gallery.


Meets Kane, who has extraordinary skill in micro realism tattoo, genuine master of the amazing and complicated works. With great focus when he works create an astonishing peace of arts in your body.  Our micro realism tattoo artist is prepared to make your dream tattoo a reality if you’re looking for something out of the usual that will let you travel about with a miniature work of art.


Say hello to Illona, our talented tattoo artist who specialized in creating the beauty of flowers with colorful  cartoons. Illona skillfully and creatively combines the delicate beauty of floral components with the comical attractiveness of cartoons. Each tattoo develops into a beautiful union of imagination and nature, creating engaging works that are both aesthetically gorgeous and bursting with character.